TubeAce! If you are trying to create an XXX tube site and have no idea what to do beyond purchasing the domain name, you need to get acquainted with Tube Ace. It’s a WordPress plugin, so you have to use WordPress to take advantage of it. But even if you do not plan to use WordPress, I have to fucking tell you: you may want to change those plans.

This plugin is so useful, simple to use, and functional, that it will change the way you approach tube sites. It’s a goddamn gamechanger of the highest order, and that’s not me blowing smoke up anyone’s ass; that’s just a fact. No matter what kind of tube site you are looking to create, Tube Ace has just what you need. Check it out, browse the site and see what it entails, and I think you will be beyond impressed by what you find on the other side.

Compatible with all WordPress themes
What I fucking love about Tube Ace the most is that it’s goddamn obvious how much of a benefit it can be to your site. As soon as I looked at the WordPress plugin, I knew how helpful it would be to tube sites that wanted to get consistent content added to their library. Further, it became obvious that it was an excellent way to get a fuck load of new content loaded to one’s tube site as well.

I will get into all of that later. But if that excites you yet you’re unsure if Tube Ace will be compatible with your current WordPress theme, you don’t really have anything to fucking worry about. Tube Ace is compatible with all WordPress themes, so don’t think for a second that just because you got some super, obscure WordPress plugin that it’s not going to work. It will, and it will be easy as fuck to implement it.

To that end, I urge you to choose your best and most favorite WordPress theme to use with your tube site and go from there. It will work as functionally as it would with any other theme, so choose based on your preference, not based on functionality. This just scratches the surface of the convenience of Tube Ace, and you are going to be blown away by how easy it is to use.

Instantly add millions of videos to your tube site
Yes, you read that right. You can actually add millions of videos to your tube site with the help of Tube Ace. If you have ever wondered how all of those tube sites out there get so much content, well, now you know one of the methods that they use. And sure, you could download a database for free that has millions of videos that you can add to your own tube site like many other tube sites provide, but those are videos that so many tube sites already have anyway.

You can see where the problem lies for those that don’t have a WordPress plugin like Tube Ace. They can add a database to their site, but those videos can seemingly be found on basically any other tube site out there. You need to differentiate your brand, and that’s where Tube Ace comes into play.

By using Tube Ace to populate your tube site with videos, you will be getting content from some of the most widely visited porn sites on the Internet. Tube Ace obtains content automatically from sites like PornHub, Tube8, xHamster, XVIDEOS, and more. It’s essentially the top free tube sites out there with other tube sites that don’t get as much recognition on the regular. It’s a mix of top porn sites and a few popular-yet-lesser-known websites, giving you a lot of variety.

What’s fucking awesome about getting content from these sites is that new videos are added every few minutes. You read that correctly: every fucking few minutes! You could keep reading this review over and over, and each time you were finished, a new video would be waiting to be added on your tube site. Now, how fucking crazy is that?

Keep in mind that you don’t have to add every goddamn video as it goes live. Sure, you can tweak Tube Ace in a way where every video that hits Tube Ace goes live on your site, but that’s only if you want to appeal to absolutely everyone. You would need millions of videos to pull this off, and with Tube Ace, you actually can. If that’s the route you want to go, go for it! But if not, going the niche route is the best way to go.

Niche as you want to be
For those that want to go the niche route and make their only fart porn tube site come to life, Tube Ace can make it happen. And okay, maybe you don’t want a fart porn site, but the point still stands. You can dig deep and get a pretty damn niche with Tube Ace. All you have to do is add tags to the automatic video importer within the plugin. Once the plugin identifies a video with a certain tag, it will automatically add that video to your tube site.

With millions of videos to choose from, it seems to me that you have a lot of fucking videos to choose from across all types of niches. While I have no idea how obscure some of these niches are in the plugin, when there are millions of videos to choose from, it seems to me that you could probably get pretty deep into the weeds of things and find ridiculously niche content that can be automatically added to your tube site.

That goes back to the original problem that you may have with Tube Ace initially. You have no idea how much niche content can actually be added to your tube site; you just have to trust that there will be enough content to keep people coming back for more. To get an idea, I would at least do your own research. You can look at some of these tube sites, search for the niche you are interested in creating a tube site around, and see how many videos are tagged in that niche. If you find a ton of videos matching the tags, you have a general idea regarding how much niche content you can expect to find on your new tube site.

Affordable as fuck
I know what you have been thinking this entire time. With the ability to add so much fucking content to your tube site with ease, this plugin probably costs a fuckload. Well, my adult entrepreneur, that’s where you’re wrong! Tube Ace actually costs a cool $99.95 for one lifetime license for one site. That means if you want to create just one tube site, all you have to do is purchase the license once for less than one hundred dollars. Yeah, I get that it’s a few cents under $100, but let’s give the great minds behind Tube Ace some credit: that’s a fucking impressive price.

What is even more impressive is the price when you want to purchase a lifetime license for two-to-five sites. You only have to spend $149.95. For a lifetime license of between six-to-twenty-five sites, you only have to pay $229.95! That’s fucking awesome, and makes Tube Ace even more of a value when you want to operate more than one tube site forever.

I could see this license having an annual subscription fee, and I could not fault them for wanting to go this route. But these are lifetime licenses, and you never have to spend another cent for Tube Ace unless you wish to purchase more licenses for future sites. That’s amazing, and it just proves how goddamn convenient this one-of-a-kind plugin actually is.

Totally fucking scalable and easy to use
Not only does Tube Ace play nice with themes, but you can also implement other plugins to use with Tube Ace. You can add plugins like WP-PostingRatings that allow users to rate your content. Plugins like WP Cron will enable you to monetize your videos, making even more money off your site. This plugin also allows you to place ads basically wherever you wish with ease.

It brings me to my final point, and it’s the only thing you really need to know about Tube Ace: this WordPress plugin makes it so fucking easy to actually create a tube site that people will want to visit. It’s seamless, and it almost seems criminal that it’s this easy. But it is, in fact, that easy with no strings attached, and it’s the quickest way to setting up your tube site and ensuring you can consistently add new content daily. Now, how fucking great is that?!

Tube Ace is a WordPress plugin that makes it beyond simple to create a tube site and add seemingly millions of videos to the mix. Affordable, easy to use, and compatible with pretty much anything, it’s the baseline you need to create a tube site that the world will want to visit. It does not need to do anything else differently: it’s one of the most perfect WordPress plugins that you will find.

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