TubeCorporate! Life is all about the hustle. It’s about making dosh, fucking babes, and then fucking more babes on your mountain of cash. Seriously, there’s no finer pleasure than plowing pussy while rolling around on stacks of Benjamins. Well, it really only works if you’ve got that money in hand. You can’t get the full experience if your cash is tied up in crypto. Plus, the stack would be fluctuating every second as you earned and lost money faster than a blow-addicted gambler. It just wouldn’t work. Oh, but I keep getting sidetracked. You eager fucks probably want to know how to earn yourself some dosh.

If you have a site or want to spread the gospel about your little-person fetish site, then you’ll want to get with an ad network that knows how to get your adult content out there. You should turn to Their site may look like any old ad network, but once you start scrolling through their list of publishers, you’ll see that these degenerate nerds know porn. And they’ve been at this shit since 2013. Sure, that’s not as long as some of the big-name networks out there, but 7 years is nothing to scoff at. The only thing you cucks have done for more than seven years is disappoint your parents.

Sleek Site Design & an Ad Network Paired with the Biggest Names in Porn
The site looks great. I know that has nothing to do with the shit that they’re offering, but looks are important. The ugliest girl in the world could be the best lay ever, but you know fucks aren’t lining up to creampie that pussy. They’ve got a sleek dark theme, a spinning globe graphic, and a moving menu list with some neat facts about their services. Overall, it looks good. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Let’s get into the good shit. I’ll start with the publishers this time around. You guys want to monetize your JAV site or lewd mud-wrestling blog with hot adult ads that will get the attention of your horny audience. It’s harder than it sounds. Tons of networks don’t know the first thing about getting fappers to click over to their shit. These guys are partnered with a ton of other ad networks like ClickAdilla and ExoClick. They’re also paired up with adult sites like vJAV, HotMovs, HDZog, and VoyeurHit.

Customize Ad Intensity, Get Detailed Performance Logs, and Make Fat Stacks
If you monetize your site with these fucks, then you can enjoy a suite of options and features to truly tailor your site’s ad experience. You’ll have a toolset that allows you to adjust and intensity, customize scripts, and get advice for the most profitable format combinations. And they have all of the fucking ads you’d expect. You can make use of pop-unders, redirects, pop-ups, pre-roll, and banner ads. You can make your site an assault on the eyes with dozens of flashing ads and pop-ups, or you can take a minimal approach with a few ads here and there.

You also get real-time updates about how well certain ads are performing. You can fuss with which ones work best as well as decide if you want to have CPM or PPL based payments. Speaking of payments, that shit will get to your account every other week with no holds. The only hiccup is that you need to break $100 of earnings before they’ll send that shit your way. But that should be no issue for you guys, right?

View Real Rates to Calculate Your Potential Earnings
One feature this site includes that I fucking love is a list of sample rates that you can expect to earn. It’s not hidden away until you’ve already given the site all of your information. You can scroll through and see exactly what you can earn based on your ads, geolocation, and a mix of other factors. It’s fucking great. But we’ve shown you publishers all of the good shit for you. Let’s get the big dogs in here and start talking about what they offer advertisers who have a product or site to get out there.

First off, you get the “VIP Service.” These horny nerds will help you manage and develop your ad campaign. It’s a hands-on approach that not many other ad networks will offer you. TubeCorporate can land your ads on 10 premium adult sites (among many others) as well as get you upwards of 900 million impressions every single month. They can hit dozens of different geo locations, get your ads on any device, and they have a variety of pricing models for campaigns big and small.

Advertise Your Site or Product on Big-Name Premium Adult Sites like Brazzers
They’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re comfortable with the optimizations they propose for your campaign. And you never have to give up control. You can tell these fucks to back off and let you take control at any point. If you want to remain anonymous for one reason or another, then they do accept BITCOIN and other cryptocurrencies as payment. They’ll even payout directly to your crypto wallet if you really want to keep shit on the down-low. I get it. You don’t always want your scat fetish site’s name coming up on you and your wife’s shared checking account.

They also offer a premium content program that lets you curate a selection of your own ads to play on big-name sites like Brazzers, BangBros, and Nubile Films. This option requires a bit more legwork. You need to create your own channel of videos, links, and banners. That way, your ads can plug and play right where they need to go. A blurry flashing banner of game screenshot saying, “YOU WON’T LAST 30 SECONDS PLAYING THIS GAME” isn’t going to cut it. You need at least 6 minutes worth of quality ads to qualify.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
I like knowing that an ad network can handle porn. Sure, there are plenty of networks that can dip their toes into the porn space and give you the numbers that you deserve. But sometimes I want folks that will get down and dirty with me. TubeCorporate services adult sites that you’ve actually heard of. Hell, most of you have probably blown dozens of loads to the websites that these guys are paired with. That’s how you know these guys mean business. They don’t have a list of obscure porn sites that will get you a piddling number of impressions or engagements.

And I loved that you could view rates. Barely any ad networks let you see potential rates before you go through the effort of calling them up. These fucks pull up their skirt, take off their shirt, and lay all of the goods out on the table for you guys to check out. You’ll have a rough idea of what you can make before you even call or email them. That’s the kind of shit that I like to see.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
I have one suggestion. It’s not a big one. But, fuck, it bothered the every-living shit out of me. The menus on the site that show off facts, information, and details about their services never stop cycling around and off the page. I’m sitting here trying to fucking read about one thing when it gets dragged off the side of the screen. What the fuck? I felt like I was going crazy. Or, well, crazier than usual. As I said, this isn’t a huge deal. It won’t affect most of you guys at all. It’s just annoying as fuck when you’re trying to really sit there and digest the information on the page. But, hey, at least that’s the only bad thing about this site. It could be a lot worse than just a wonky menu.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is a network you should consider signing up with if you want to land your content on premium porn sites or have premium porn sites advertise on your platform. They have flexible plans with tons of features for advertisers and publishers alike. You can sit back and let these fucks set up your ads, or you can roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty with them. It’s a highly customizable experience that you can tailor to suit your site and your audience’s needs. I highly recommend you check these guys out. You’ll be making money in no time without lifting a goddamn finger!

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