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TubeSitesSubmitter! Have you ever found yourself sitting on a pile of adult videos that you know you need to distribute, yet you just don’t feel like doing it? It can take fucking hours and even days to upload everything if the pile is large enough. Although you could hire a virtual assistant (VA) to do the dirty work for you, that’s a whole other paycheck that you have to pay. Furthermore, you cannot always depend on them to do it right.

Besides, why the fuck should you pay someone to do the mundane work that you don’t want to when software like Tube Sites Submitter exists? For less than it would cost to hire someone to do all the dirty work for you, Tube Sites Submitter can submit a massive amount of content to some of the most popular adult tube sites out there automatically. It’s really that simple!

Starting at $299 per year (or $30 per month), it’s a small price to pay to save you a shit load of time. Spend less time uploading content and fidgeting with tags, titles, and the details on the content you want to upload and spend it where it counts: focusing on getting content and spreading your brand even further! Take back your time with Tube Sites Submitter and focus your efforts on growing your brand!

Over 250 tube sites supported
One of the things that jumped right out at me, tickled my balls, and licked my taint was the fact that Tube Sites Submitter supports over 250 tube sites! As opposed to some tube site submitter software that only uploads content to a few popular tube sites, Tube Sites Submitter takes a different approach and scatter shots your content and distributes it to hundreds of sites. The software seems to understand that although several tube sites out there have massive numbers, they also do not satisfy the endless array of niches and fetishes.

Mainstream porn sites like PornHub and xHamster may garner millions of unique visitors per month, but you’re out of your fucking mind if you think that they can offer tons of content for every fetish while still satisfying those looking at vanilla pornography. PornHub’s enormous community of user-generated content fills in the gaps, but it is still no match for the tube sites out there that only cater to a certain niche or fetish.

By supporting over 250 tube sites (and counting – the database is always updated), Tube Sites Submitter can guarantee that there is a tube site where content can be uploaded for just about every kink and niche out there. Not only that, but because all tube sites are different, Tube Sites Submitter claims that they will ensure that each upload abides by the tube site’s rules and regulations. This way, you don’t accidentally find your content removed or worse, your account banned without knowing what the fuck happened.

That’s a huge deal and ensures that you do not have to remember any rules from one tube site to another. It’s all automated, and because the database is always updated, I assume that this means that the latest rules are applied to each tube site account that Tube Sites Submitter manages for you. Either way you spin it, that is a ton of time saved!

Over 200 niches supported
For the millions of people that want to watch Mia Khalifa get her snatched pounded, there are tens of thousands of people that want nothing more than to watch a naked woman have sex with inflatable pool floaties. Even though most porn traffic for tube sites is probably vanilla to some extent, that does not mean that there is a reason to discount the thousands of people with unique tastes that differ from the norm.

That’s why Tube Sites Submitter not only sends content to 250+ tube sites, but they also support over 200 niches. That’s a ton of fetishes and niches, and they range from gay porn to BBW to hentai, glory holes, wrestling, and beyond. While I’m not going to say that every fetish and kink is represented here, it’s easy to upload content to the proper niche and tube site using Tube Sites Submitter.

It may seem like Tube Sites Submitter would take a lot of time and effort to submit content of different niches to their proper tube sites. Nothing could be further from the truth, though. You see, Tube Sites Submitter allows you to group tube sites together, so you never submit content to a website where it does not belong. For example, if you only want to upload BBW videos to certain tube sites, you could make a group that shows only the tube sites where you should upload BBW content.

As you figure out which tube sites and niches gel well together and deliver the most optimal traffic, you can use these groups to fine-tune Tube Sites Submitter to work for you as you wish. It’s a totally customizable tool that you can apply to your adult brand, and it just works. Unfortunately, it looks extremely out of date and flat out ugly.

Tool looks out of date as fuck
When you first look at Tube Sites Submitter, your first question may be, ‘wait, this pile of shit is supposed to make my life easier?’ I can understand why you would say that. The user interface and overall look of Tube Sites Submitter is atrocious and looks bland as fuck. It feels like you are scouring an entire database, which isn’t too far removed from reality. I felt like I was using an XXX version of Microsoft Access at times or another type of database program. If you are familiar with these kinds of programs, then you may not have a bad time, but for everyone else that has no idea how to software that looks like barebones and not user-intuitive, you may have a learning curve ahead of you.

But that’s okay! Tube Sites Submitter has obviously put most of its time into ensuring that the software not only works but makes the lives of every user easier than ever. The database is always getting updated as well, and improvements seem to be made to the program often. It is still totally supported and isn’t any danger of being abandoned, so you’re not going to be completely on your own if you have questions or concerns.

Save a fuck load of time by automating uploads
I’ve touted that Tube Sites Submitter will save you a shit load of time throughout, and I’ve only scratched the surface on how it does that. One of the most substantial ways that you are going to save time by using Tube Sites Submitter is by never having to mess with a CAPTCHA code ever again!

That’s right! Whenever Tube Sites Submitter uploads content to one of the hundreds of supported tube sites, it will automatically enter any CAPTCHA codes that are generated on the site’s end. Automatically creating an account then logging you in instantly whenever you need to upload new content to that site, the tool also automates form submissions and so much more. It’s an amazing tool that automates all of the busy work associated with tagging, titling and labeling new content and uploading it to tube sites, and that alone is more than worth the investment.

That’s not where the value ends, though. Tube Sites Submitter uses a technology called SPINTAX that spins text in the title and description fields. Type what you want once for a video, and SPINTAX will spin all of the text and upload them to a different tube site of your choosing. This ensures that although you may be uploading the same video to multiple tube sites, the titles, tags, descriptions, and more will read similarly but differently.

That’s the promise, anyway. I would proofread each submission and ensure that the spun text does not come across as bizarre and goofy. Tube Sites Submitter claims that the text will seem natural and free of any ‘gibberish,’ but that’s a pretty bold claim. Proofread anyway to ensure the tool is living up to its promise.

Not only that, but Tube Sites Submitter will also only submit content that falls into the parameter of the tube site. That means you will never accidentally upload content to a free tube site where it does not belong, eliminating any risk of getting banned. When you automate important steps like these to software like Tube Sites Submitter, the little details like these matter. Fortunately, the software has covered all of the important bases from this perspective. It makes it a powerful, one-of-a-kind tool that all adult entrepreneurs need to have in their repertoire if they are serious about growing their adult tube site and/or brand as a whole.

Tube Sites Submitter is an amazing tool that automates nearly every step of the tube site uploading process. Unfortunately, the terrible user interface and the fact that it is only supported on Windows may turn some people off. Find a way to use the tool and take the time to get to learn it, and most people will find something to live with Tube Sites Submitter.

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