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Fresh out of Bulgaria, Tube Advertising is here to help you monetize your traffic. I don’t normally see a lot of platforms come out of Bulgaria these days. Eastern Europe usually joins the porn industry on the receiving end – Eastern European women receive cocks on camera for money. That’s what they’ve been great at for the past two decades. But, I guess they got a good amount of brainiacs too, because the folks behind TubeAdvertising have put together an interesting little affiliate ad platform that simplifies some of the integration process and nets you decent payouts, provided their numbers check out.

They’re not innovating or breaking new ground; they’re just here to compete against the big boys. I’ll go through their offers in detail, but I combed their website carefully and did not find a single indicator of any next-gen innovation. Well, they do mention that they’re using machine learning for the “smartlink feature”. Apparently, they’re using AI to dynamically optimize the content that gets delivered to each visitor.

They take into account the user’s details like their country, connection, device, carrier, operating system and browser. You get the idea. A ton of variables go into the learning model and it spits out a clear answer about its estimate for the best delivery. This… isn’t too innovative, sorry. Every platform optimizes delivery automatically, if you let them. So, if TubeAdvertising is going to win you over, it’ll have to be through their pricing and support.

Quick and Simple
TubeAdvertising gives me real “small fish in a big pond” vibes. They try to be accessible and affordable. They offer you payouts at a minimum of $10. This isn’t conventional and it’s not popular. Platforms usually go out of their way to have an upper limit to weed out undesirables. This hurts small-time webmasters who are trying to ramp up operations slowly. If you’re new to the game and you see that you have to earn a C note before you see your money, well, that can really kill your hopes of scaling up. You get no fuss with TubeAdvertising. As long as you have $10, you can withdraw to PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer or even Bitcoin.

Those last two tell me that the Bulgarians know their local market. Payoneer is extremely popular in Eastern Europe, because it lets you funnel tons of first world cash down to your pocket, with zero intrusion. You don’t have to leave the house or send out an invoice. Your money is always in your wallet. But, if your wallet gets stolen, you’re covered. They’re secure as all hell.

I guess you could make the argument that these guys are trying to appeal to third world countries more than anything. But, the fun part is, Bulgaria’s a part of the European Union. Long story short, that means they have unbridled access to PayPal, but they can also get away with shoveling tons of Bitcoin your way without being vetted or shot out of the sky. I’m a huge supporter of a free and independent internet, so I wholeheartedly support this idea of people being able to withdraw the cash that they own through whatever means they prefer. The best part is, it’s all perfectly legal.

Small Fish, Big Pond
I did some digging through TubeAdvertising’s socials, mostly because their website was giving me dick to work with. As far as I can tell, they’re a pretty young team of a few people trying their best to break on through to the profitable side. They’ve got some gallery shots of themselves meeting up with ExoClick’s team in Barcelona. It’s good to see that they were at least trying to network actively.

One thing I thought was really weird, though, was that all of their posts were in Romanian, dating back to 2014. Also, they only had one post between 2015 and 2019. This is concerning. I mean, I’m sure they’re still in business, but how tiny do they have to be to not have someone in-office or remotely, making a couple of Facebook posts to show that they’re alive? It’s a red flag.

As for the Romanian thing, well, they’re probably Romanians operating out of Bulgaria. Nothing weird there. I know a ton of Europeans who operate out of Delaware. Taxes and regulations have their geographic appeals.

Underwhelming Design
Normally, these kinds of affiliate networks offer some sort of dashboard to help you keep track of your campaigns’ performance. Not TubeAdvertising. No, they turned a negative into a positive and they thought I wouldn’t notice. They state on their site that they support third-party integration with marketing platforms for analytical data. This is a great feature. A lot of people would love to hook up their expensive analytical software to their affiliate marketing data to consolidate all of that information into one dashboard. Except… what if you don’t have a marketing platform already? What if you’re just getting started and TubeAdvertising is your first affiliate destination?

Well, you’re shit out of luck. First of all, they tell you nothing about their platform and they show no screenshots on their site. There’s also no information on their socials. But, I dug deep and dove into their YouTube videos. They only have like three of them. In one of them, you can clearly see the TubeAdvertising platform. It looks like some sort of unfinished WordPress panel mutation. There are some forms you can fill in with your tracking information. You can also enter custom tracking parameters so that the resulting link that you’d have to copy and paste has UTMs in it. You could do this yourself in Notepad.

My bottom line about their design is that they have no design. They’re schlepping through on the hopes that their offers carry them to victory. I wish I could say that these are red flags too, but they’re not. They could be lazy, or, they could be forcefully sticking to their wheelhouse and refusing to branch out further. Producing a dashboard isn’t cheap. Maybe they’re breaking even and they don’t feel the need to add more functionality to their platform. Either way, if you have access to a superior analytical platform, you can set up your TubeAdvertising links once and just use them through the better platform, forever.

The Rates and Payouts
This is TubeAdvertising’s only coup de grâce. They offer you 80% revenue share, across the board. Whether the traffic came from mobile or desktop, from the first world or otherwise, you get to keep 80% of all future spending by the people you’ve referred. They don’t clarify how long this contract stays valid, though. I doubt they’re going to kick back to you for life, but who knows? I sure as hell don’t. They don’t clarify. Their site desperately needs a detailed terms of service page. They have a legal terms page, but that just covers their asses. It’s the standard legalese that says they’re not responsible for your life and that you’re fucked if something goes wrong – everyone online service has these.

At the very least, they payout whenever you feel like it, once you have $10, so you can test the waters pretty early. Getting $10 through ads isn’t that hard. You should be able to see how trustworthy their offers are pretty quickly. Maybe you could ask them for some custom testimonials or some sort of guarantee of quality and service.

My Conclusions
I’m lukewarm at best regarding TubeAdvertising, since 80% is a good payout. Covering 250+ GEOs across 6 continents is impressive. On the surface, the offers are decent. The thing is, I have literally no idea what ads they’re offering, where they’re coming from or how profitable they are. At the very least, they don’t charge anything for a signup.

I’d suggest that you shoot them a message and see how long it takes them to respond. That way, you can figure out how active they are. Then, try out their service and crunch the numbers. If they’re profitable, fuck it, roll with them long term. The nice thing about these kinds of ad networks is that you’re not obligated to stick with them long term.

You can swap them out like socks if you want to. However, if they were a subscription service with this website and lack of track record, I wouldn’t give them a chance. They’ve been around since 2014 and they don’t have a single testimonial. Their YouTube channel has three videos, their socials are dead and they don’t even have a blog. The only reason I even believe they still exist is because their site is up. That doesn’t inspire confidence.

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