TubeGuild’s affiliate program allows you to sell your traffic. Their rates are pretty good on some websites, as they depend on where ...


Tube Guild! Would you like to be paid for driving traffic to a particular website? If so, welcome to This website allows you to sell your traffic to different adult websites and get paid according to their rates, which I shall mention a bit later in this review. Now, if you visit the link I provided, you will see that did not really say much overall.

I mean, if you will offer something for the Webmasters, you can make the offer appealing by spicing up the design and providing all the necessary information. Well, did not get that message because this is what they came up with. However, I checked out their Content Partner program, and that shit looked pretty dope. So, who knows why the fuck this place looks like it does?

HQ, MQ, and LQ countries
Whether you are sending traffic from high-quality, medium-quality, or low-quality countries, it really matters! That will help you earn more in the long run, and knowing where to send them is also crucial. I have mentioned all the rates below, but let me start this review by first telling you what countries are in the different tiers.

So, the HQ countries are Finland, Denmark, Australia, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, United States, and Sweden. The MQ countries are Belgium, Austria, France, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the UK. The LQ countries are all the rest that I have not mentioned.

Sites with the best rates
I assume that you would mostly be interested in the websites that offer the best rates, right? Well, on, you have four of those websites provided. The first one I want to mention is called, and it is a free porn tube website where you get to watch loads of gorgeous shemales getting fucked, or fucking horny dudes/chicks. It is pretty straightforward, and the name of the site pretty much gives it away.

The second website I want to mention is called, and as the name suggests, it is a website dedicated to gay lovemaking. There you have all kinds of free gay pornos that you can enjoy! Of course, you are not here to enjoy the porn; you are here to bring them traffic, which does not mean that you cannot take a slight detour if you find any of these websites hot.

The following website is called, and it is filled with tranny pornos. Again, you have all kinds of beautiful chicks with dicks, in all kinds of fuck combinations. It is a free porn website. The last website with the highest rates is the, yet another shemale website with even more tranny sluts doing all kinds of shit.

So, what are the rates here? It always depends on the countries that the traffic comes from since there are the HQ countries, the MQ countries, and the LQ countries. I mean, you are paid for all the traffic that you send, but where the traffic comes from really matters.

For the sites I just mentioned, you will be paid $1.50 for HQ countries, $1.00 for MQ countries, and $0.35 for LQ countries. These are pretty standard rates if you ask me, and you should always strive to get the traffic from HQ countries. Of course, you are paid the mentioned amounts for every 1k unique visitors.

Other websites with lower rates
Each website has different rates, and now you know which ones have the highest. Now, let’s talk about the other ones. Two websites come close to the previous rates, and they are called and These are simple and free porn websites, with loads of free mainstream pornos with focusing on big tits sluts. The rates here will be $1.20 for HQ countries, $0.50 for MQ countries, and $0.20 for LQ couturiers.

Then, we have the next four websites with even lower rates. There is, which is a rather odd name for a website. It is a simple porn website with mostly amateur content and strange scenarios. You’ll get the gist when you actually check out the site. Then you have, which is a website dedicated to all kinds of pornos scenarios. There are no limits, so expect to see it all. is the following website, and again it is pretty straightforward. It is just a website with a little bit of everything, with both amateur and premium content. Then you have a website you probably already stumbled upon, called Again, a site with a little bit of everything. Basically, these four websites are all the same, but not really. They offer different adult content, but the content is very random.

For these websites, you are paid $1.00 for HQ countries, $0.50 for MQ countries, and $0.25 For LQ countries. As for the lowest rates of all time, there is only one website, and it is called Is there a need for me to tell you what the fuck the site offers? I didn’t think so! Here, you will be paid $0.70 for HQ countries, 0.50 for MQ countries, and $0.25 for LQ countries. Now compare these rates with the very first ones I mentioned; it is quite a difference.

The basic rules
Of course, these sort of websites has their own basic rules. They will accept traffic only from the TGPs, Blogs, Tubes, and so on. Don’t try to outplay the system or any of that shit because traffic is only accepted from legal sources. The pop-up and pop-under traffic is not accepted, so do not come here expecting to earn by sending blind traffic.

While this should go without saying, you are not allowed to use codecs, spyware, adware, and so on. I mean, this shit is forbidden on all ‘buy traffic’ websites. also does not allow for their clips to be opened in frames and iframes.

The payments are sent regularly, and there is a minimum required amount for a payment, which is $300. Now, that is quite a lot compared to other similar websites, but then again, they have a lot more options as to where you can send the traffic. So, it makes sense.

Contact their support for more info
That’s about that. If you have any other questions, or there is something that you do not understand, you can just contact their customer support. Now, one thing that would make this shit so much easier for everyone is if would just offer us a proper FAQ page. I mean, that is just fucking common sense if you ask me.

How can you actually contact them? I would not be surprised if you missed the contact section on because it is so fucking tiny. There is an email address at the bottom of the website where you can send them a message. Yup, that is basically all that they have to offer in terms of support. Do not worry, though; their support is pretty responsive.

So, all you have to do, if you are interested, is to register. The registration process on is free and straightforward, and once you become a part of their program, you can start selling your traffic. It is pretty fucking simple.

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