Tube Uploads! Whether you create original XXX video content or you are constantly uploading porn content to top tube sites for your pornographic brand, you know how time-consuming this shit can be. You cannot simply press a few buttons and let the tube site take care of the rest. Rather, you have to also include proper titles, descriptions, and metatags for SEO purposes, proper thumbnails, tags, the list goes on. Do this dozens of times per video, and you will quickly see why is at least worth considering.

Your time is valuable to you. If you are spending a fuck load of time uploading videos and not enough time focusing on building your brand, TubeUploads could theoretically pay for itself in no time. It’s like having a virtual assistant that has your back 24/7. Stop uploading videos, start focusing on growing, and let TubeUploads take care of the rest.

On-demand video upload that’s simple
The idea of creating a sexy tube site sounds fucking awesome on paper. When you are first getting started with your adult tube site, you probably feel like you will be able to sit back and watch the cash roll in as people browse and jerk off to your tube videos. I’m not going to say that won’t fucking happen – goddamn, it has happened for so many adult entrepreneurs – but it’s still hard work.

Uploading your content to the most visited and highest-ranking tube sites takes a lot of fucking time. Not only that, but you have to ensure that everything is taken care of to provide you with the best results possible. You cannot insert a headline, a couple of tags, and a description that sounds fucking vanilla. You have to use proper SEO tactics, a damn good thumbnail to grab the browser’s attention, an accurate description while helping you to rank with appropriate keywords, and more.

Do you want to do this dozens of times per video? Fuck no! You signed up to roll out a tube site that allows you to grow your adult empire, not sit around for hours every day trying to upload enough videos to make this entire endeavor worth your while. That’s where TubeUploads comes in, and it allows you to take your time back as they do the heavy lifting.

Before you upload your video to a tube site, send it to TubeUploads instead. The software is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS, so you don’t have an excuse not to at least give this service a glance. Try it out, and you may find that there isn’t a more helpful tool to spread your original content to popular tub sites.

When you are ready for your video to go live, be sure to add a watermark on the video (if applicable). TubeUploads only adds a watermark if you are uploading content for affiliate content, so you’re on your own if you want your own, custom watermarks. Once added, upload your video using the software to TubeUploads, to which the team will edit the video to make it competitive with other brands on the various tube sites where your videos must have a presence.

Not only that, but TubeUploads also does the dirty work that will ensure your content is seen. By adding proper tags, working that SEO magic, and giving your videos that edge they need to be competitive, it’s easy to see why adult entrepreneurs out there depend on TubeUploads to spread their content to the most lucrative and popular tube sites around.

TubeUploads takes care of the rest
Let’s assume that you are starting your own paid porn series and you want to spread the word. Spreading awareness on social media may be your first reaction, and you would not be wrong. Yet, it is only one part to marketing your series. Another marketing tactic you should be using is to go to your potential viewers.

Would-be fans typically do not browse social media looking for porn – at least, not primarily. But they do browse tube sites hoping to get off, so go to them! TubeUploads makes it easy to distribute teaser clips across popular tube sites so you can entice people to visit your site, become a member, and gain access to full versions of the content and new clips as you release them.

Tube sites are not just a good way to spread awareness about your brand and its content, but it’s an awesome way to advertise what your entire brand has to offer! And we’ve all experienced this kind of content before – you know, the short, teasing kind. It may annoy you when you want to beat off to full-length pornography, but think about all the times you’ve come across a teaser clip, found the bitch to be hot as fuck, and watched the entire thing even knowing you’re not getting the full version. It’s probably been more than once, and it only proves why brands continue to release their teaser clips to tube sites.

Spread your teaser clips, full-length movies, whatever you prefer! TubeUploads will spread the content to over 60+ high traffic tube sites. They provide the video editing, deliver organic traffic (or so they say – more on that later), assign your videos to the right categories and apply proper tags, and more. It’s a one-stop solution for adding and spreading your content to the most lucrative places around the Web, and worth the investment for those that want to focus on growing their brand and spending less time dealing with mind-numbing tasks.

Insanely cheap to start
If you have one video that you need to upload today, rates start at just $10 per upload. That is a ridiculously low price, especially for those that want to try out the service for the first time. It’s worth subscribing to the basic plan for just $75 a month if you are ready for TubeUploads to start taking care of your content. You get 30 videos per month in addition to the logistics that TubeUploads takes care of, such as adding proper tags, professional thumbnails, and all the other bullshit that I’ve already covered here.

If you find that 30 videos per month isn’t enough, you can easily scale upwards to TubeUploads’ other plans. The Plus plan gives you 60 uploads at $149 per month. If you need more video uploads and additional submission profiles, Premium gives you 150 uploads per month at $249 per month with 24/7 support, 10 different submission profiles, and even upload reports.

Those that need hundreds of videos uploaded per month can choose VIP. This will give them 600 video uploads pr month, unlimited submission profiles, one-on-one support, and even special features that are provided per a customer’s request (whatever that means). Of course, if you have needs that do not fit into any of these plans, TubeUploads can provide you with a special quote to satisfy your video uploading needs.

How does TubeUploads drive real humans to your site?
TubeUploads mentions that you will earn organic traffic to your site when they upload content on your behalf to tube sites. They claim that the visitors to your site are interested in your content, making it seem like they find and gather real people that want to watch your content. This sounds like a fucking awesome feature, but they never explain how this works. Not only that, but there is not a section that explains anything regarding why and how interested people are visiting your site.

If this is actually true, it’s a massive advantage. To think that this is also yet another method for exposing your content and brand to the masses makes the software seem even more worth the cost of admission. But again, it is never explained how any of this works. You have to take TubeUploads’ word for it.

There has to be a section or at least a small paragraph that somewhat explains how this works. As it stands, you have to believe the word of TubeUploads to give you real-world visitors that actually want to stick around and watch your content. How they find these visitors is beyond me, and I’d like some more clarification and assuredness before throwing down the cost of a subscription. TubeUploads needs more clarity here.

Pre-schedule your content so it’s ready to go
Do you know when you want to upload your content to the most lucrative tube sites out there? If so, recognize that TubeUploads gives you the option to pre-schedule your content when you have a date that you want it to go live. By pre-scheduling them, you will know exactly when your content will go live so you can properly market them on your social media channels and spread the word in your own way.

The result is properly tagged, described, and edited content that looks goddamn professional from day one. While it would be nice to know a little more about what’s going on under the hood, TubeUploads provides a value that is hard to fucking beat. Try it out and see how convenient it can be for spreading your own content to the best tube sites out there, and grow your new tube site like never before!

Suggestions: is fantastic software that anyone can use. Best of all, it takes the time commitment out of creating functional videos that will give you an even better return on your investment. Unfortunately, it is unclear how new, legitimate visitors visit your site, thanks to TubeUploads (most likely by watermarking your videos). That needs to be cleared up to give users even more confidence that they can trust and benefit from the tool.

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