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The online world has always been my favorite space. It is filled with all kinds of websites, most of which will allow you to earn a buck or two. Now, if you know which websites are worth the visit, trust me, you are in for quite a treat. Today, I have yet another great website that allows you to earn money or buy traffic. offers a content partner program, advertising features, and traffic buying options. While I think this goes without saying, is not the only program worth your time. I have spent a shit ton of time reviewing all kinds of websites that could make your dick hard and still help you get a steady income.

If your pretty little ass would just visit, you will see everything spread into categories for easier search. This is one of my websites where you can learn more about different programs that give you certain privileges or let you earn. However, if you are just here for porn, visit my other incredible platform,, instead. Anyway, let’s talk about

The Content Partner Program
Every content partner program works differently, but at the same time, they are all very similar. What really differs is the techniques and how you are getting paid, more or less. So, what can you expect from the content partner program on Well, I shall go over the details; however, if you do not know much about content partner programs, I suggest that you take your time to learn the basics first.

Anyway, has a content-sharing program for the partners. The conversion rates could vary, but usually, the average ratio is 1:200. If you compare this ratio to other traffic sources, it is a lot better. But again, if you do not know what the fuck I am talking about, you just do not know much about content partner programs. At this point, I’m just not sure how the fuck to help you.

This program helps you gain tons of backlinks to your website, meaning you get more traffic. You will also get a big catchy banner that will link to your website and get a lot of views. This is a great way to advertise your website and start earning. If you are interested in the content partner program, you need to register as a content partner and submit your content.

As a partner, your content will be posted on the website and thus promote your shit. Therefore, your website will be advertised. The better content you provide, the more viewers are bound to click on your videos. So, as you can see, your success depends on both you and

The registration is free and straightforward. You have to provide some information about your website, and it is necessary that you register. Only registered members can enjoy the privileges. Also, you get to choose between Paxum and WebMoney payment options. Once you register, you have to wait around 24 hours until you get the confirmation email. That’s that, and after the registration, you are good to go.

Start advertising with
If you are interested in advertising your website on, you have a couple of options. From what I have seen, you get all the basics, from buying ad placements to providing shit for them to promote you that way. Whatever approach you choose, you do not have to register. Rather, you can just send them a message.

The contact info for the advertisement is provided at the bottom of the website. So, if you think that you need more traffic on your website, but you do not want to deal with the whole content partner program bullshit, you can just contact them about their advertising options.

You have too much traffic? Sell it!
In case you are just busting with quality traffic, why not put it to good use? Whatever techniques you use to get this traffic, I do not give a shit; however, has some rules on the kind of traffic they can pay for. This website values quality traffic, so as long as you can provide them with good quality traffic, you do not have to worry about much else.

Webmasters who have high-productivity traffic will also get custom rates. Meaning that if you work better than your peers, you will get better shit in return. This is how it always should have been. With that said, does not accept pop-under and poor-prod skim traffic. There are some other rules you should follow as well, most of which are mentioned on the website. You must check those out.

There is also the referral bonus of 5% for all webmasters that you refer, and that is for a lifetime. But how the fuck do you get started? Well, it is straightforward, in my opinion. You have to register as a webmaster, to begin with. After that, you can use their promotional content, which are XML feeds and Native ads where you have all their videos.

Of course, you can use their videos for advertising their website and redirecting the traffic. Just add the promo content to your website, and you can start earning immediately. You will get paid depending on the quality of traffic you send. Quality is measured by the country the traffic comes from.

But what does that mean? Well, you have high-quality countries, which are Denmark, the Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, the US, and so on (you have the full list on the site). You will get paid up to $2.50 per 1k unique visits that come from high-quality countries.

On the other hand, you get paid up to $1.50 per 1k unique visits for the middle-quality countries, which are Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, the UK, Spain, etc. For all the other countries, you will get paid $0.25 per 1k unique visits. Now, as I have said, all of this info will be provided on the website, so make sure to check it the fuck out.

Contact for more info
It looks like works better with partners who contact them beforehand. What that means is that if you have any questions, you should reach out to them. At the bottom of the homepage, you have a contact form to send them a message. You can ask them about anything concerning their programs or whatever the fuck you are interested in.

There is also contact information regarding the subject of your concerns. If you want to contact them about advertising or buying traffic, you can contact them through specific email and Skype ID, and the same applies to the Content Program. Pay attention to which contact is which, otherwise you will not get a response.

From my experience, responds quite quickly and will solve all your problems the best way that they can. Their customer support staff or whoever the fuck you talk to is very useful, so you are more than welcome to contact them about anything that concerns their programs. It is that simple.

That’s that
You got to love websites that have it all, and is one of them. Sure, this site also has its ups and downs, considering that they do not provide enough information for newbies to understand how this shit functions. But then again, you have Google to answer all your questions.

If you are here to sell them traffic, it is simple. You just have to pay attention to how you send the traffic and its overall quality. You can also advertise your website on and get more traffic. There are options for advertising and the comprehensive content partner program. Plus, if you refer other webmasters, you will get a bonus from their earnings.

Whatever the fuck you are interested in, you can just reach out to them if you have any questions. Pay attention to how you contact them. If you already know how this shit functions, you can just register. The registration on is free, and all you have to do is wait for your account to be reviewed, which is usually done within a day.

Honestly, is a pretty neat website where you can earn money or get more traffic. It all depends on your interests. I covered all the basics that you need to know about, but if you do not like what the site offers, there are many other websites that could be more of your style. I have reviewed a bunch of them, and you are welcome to check out whenever the fuck you want.

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