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Under Host! Are you looking for a perfect shared, offshore, cloud, and dedicated hosting website? Well, I am here to introduce and what the fuck it has to offer. But, if you have no idea what a shared, offshore, cloud, and dedicated hosting website is all about, you might want to start by using Google. Anyway, if you are interested in whether Under Host would suit your needs, you are more than welcome to continue reading.

Why do people use web hosting? Well, web hosting sites are usually just websites, data, or applications hosting to a far-off datacenter location, from wherever the fuck you might be. There are many reasons why people take their hosting offshore, such as hosting copyright content, hacking websites, warez hosting, DMCA content, or adult content.

There are servers that will run or host a website, but they will be located in a different country. Many people prefer to use this opportunity because it is a lot harder to shut down legally and a lot harder to contact. I mean, you get to promote whatever the heck might be illegal, banned, or forbidden in your country. In simple terms, that is what UnderHost offers. But obviously, there is a lot more to what the fuck they have to offer, and as I have mentioned, if you are interested, stay and read my mates.

About UnderHost
For those of you who do not want to know much about what UnderHost actually is, how it came to be, or whatever, you can just skip on ahead. As for the rest of you motherfuckers, let’s get started. Basically, was created as a shell account and email hosting company in 2007. They claim that their staff has over 30 years of experience in hosting, technical, or IT customer service.

Then again, they could basically claim whatever the fuck they want, right? I mean, if I told you my dick was big enough to tie a bow around your neck to hang yourself, what possible way could you prove me wrong? Anyway, that is what they claim, and from what I have seen, given my personal experience browsing and needing their help, they sort of check out. At least in my case.

UnderHost is a global company that has over 7500 clients and more than 28k domains. They are an employee-owned company, which is probably why they have a lot of great support service that knows what the fuck they are talking about. I could go on and on about their crap, but this is the core info. If you want to know the full story, you can check out their about page.

All I want to add is that if you run into any kind of issues, or you have any questions, you can just send them an email. You will get an answer as soon as possible, although their tour page basically explains it all. Plus, I shall go over all the important crap when talking about using the privileges that offers… So, I highly doubt that you will actually need to contact customer support. But you are free to do so.

Shared hosting
There are four different types of hosting that Under Host has to offer, and I want to start with the Share hosting services. Why? Well, because they were listed first. Literally no other reason. What is Shared hosting? This is just one of many shared hosting options that are offered by many different providers. The name itself will suggest that the hosting is done in a shared environment of multiple websites. Maybe even thousands of them will be hosted on the same server, and all of that will be owned and maintained by a provider. In this case,

All the sites on the same server will share the resources from that server, including memory, computing power, and bandwidth. Those will all be equally distributed among all the hosted websites. In this scenario, you can have more websites on the same server under the same account. There will be four different options for Shared hosting on UnderHost.

The differences between those four options will mostly rely on disk space, the number of domains you can have, bandwidth, and free domain options. The better the product, the more shit you will get. I mean, that is just pure logic. There are also different membership offers in general; you have the monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annual options.

Of course, the price will depend on which one of the four options you would like to have. For example, the cheapest option is the monthly fee of $2.95, a 3-month fee of $7.95, a 6-month fee of $14.95, and an annual fee of $29.99. But here, you will only have 1 domain allowed, 1 MySQL database, only 50GB bandwidth, no free domain, and 1k MB disk space…

While the most expensive option will cost you $10.95/month, $31.95/3-months, $61.95/6-months, and $119.95/year. However, with this option, you have unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited total domains allowed. You will also have 20k MB of disk space, a free domain, and 800GB of bandwidth. So, as you can see, this all depends on what the fuck you need. All the offers are nicely written on their tour page since here I only listed the cheapest and the most expensive.

Offshore hosting
Although I have mentioned what offshore hosting is, let me make it a bit clearer. Offshore web hosting is the hosting of a website on servers that will be located outside of your country. This is done to gain certain benefits. I mean, any time you host a website on foreign service, you are actually using the offshore hosting services.

But, doing so means that you are deliberately doing that in order to achieve a certain goal. Often, that goal will be related to security, freedom of speech, privacy, etc. Well, on Under Host, you will again be given four different membership offers. Of course, I will not mention all of them in detail, since if that is what you are interested in, just visit their tour page.

The cheapest membership will just give you the taste of what actually has to offer, while their most expensive membership will go all out. That is why I love to mention the cheapest VS, the most expensive, for comparison. Well, the cheapest option will cost you $5/month, $13.95/3-months, $25.95/6-months, and $40.95/year.

The most expensive membership will cost you $30/month, $87.95/3-months, $167.95/6-months, and $318.95/year. The major difference between the two is that the cheapest membership will give you four total domains allowed, while the most expensive one will give you 14 (with the second membership offering four and the third 6). Also, you will only have 1000 MB of free disk space; only two allowed domains (addon/parked), and a bandwidth of 50 GB. With the most expensive membership for offshore hosting, you get 10k MB free disk space, 13 free domains (addon/parked), and bandwidth of 500 GB.

Cloud hosting
This type of hosting will make websites and applications accessible by using cloud resources. Unlike traditional hosting, solutions will not be put on just one server. Instead, there will be a network of connected physical and virtual cloud servers that will host the website or application, making sure that you have better scalability and flexibility.

On Under Host, you get to enjoy a more reliable and powerful alternative to the shared hosting environment. They offer Cloud VPS hosting, which stands for Cloud Virtual Private Server. Each system will be given a multi-core Intel processor, together with full root access via RDP or SSH, a fully dedicated RAM, and an option to power on/off your machine whenever the fuck you want with the onapp control panel.

You are allowed to make multiple services and spread the resources if you want. There are no limits, or so UnderHost likes to state. From my perspective, their cloud hosting services are good for both business and personal use. Depending on the amount you need, you will have eight different options. So the first one is the CVU, which offers one core CPU, 1GB RAM, 20 GB disk space, 10 TB bandwidth, and it costs $39.95/month.

On the other hand, you could opt for the most expensive offer, which will then give you everything x8, with the bandwidth staying the same, and the price being $119.95/month. This is where you should choose whichever option suits your taste the most, and keep in mind that you will have more info about this crap on their website.

Dedicated hosting
For most of you fuckers who are owners of smaller websites or first-time site builders, I am pretty sure that the shared hosting option will be perfect. For those looking for an option that could help with the needs of a larger and more complex website/websites that have higher traffic volume, you might want to check out the dedicated hosting services.

What is dedicated hosting? Well, this is an internet hosting option where the physical server/servers will be dedicated to one business customer, hence the name ‘dedicated’. As a customer, you will have full control over the machine, and you can optimize it according to your needs. On Under Host, you will have nine different options for dedicated servers.

The cheapest option will cost you $99.95/month, while the most expensive one will be $658.95/month. The difference between them is fucking huge, and all of the info about each offer is written on their tour page, just like it is for every other offer I have talked about.

No matter which package you choose to get, all of the yearly ones will include a free domain name. UnderHost also has a 14-day money-back guarantee, great database admin tools (MySQL), an amazing support system, and SSL support. Plus, you will get to be in full control, which is what I assume the majority of you are looking forward to. Their website looks a bit dated, but all the necessary information is on the tour page. So, if you are interested in knowing more than what I have written, you can check out UnderHost.

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