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Virtual Real Cash! The real world probably sucks for a lot of you cucks. I get wanting to take a break from that shit. You’ve got bitches who suck and won’t deepthroat your cocks, alphas like me who keep putting you down, and it doesn’t help that you’re stuck in your mom’s basement living on a crusty futon. It only makes sense that you’d escape to the wonderful world of VR. Hell, loads of you bastards live in games like VR Chat. It’s the only place where you can mingle without people judging you. Or maybe you just want to go around pretending to be an anime waifu. Either way, it doesn’t fucking matter.

All that does matter is that you have a passion for promoting hot VR porn sites. It’s the best aspect of VR. You can step into the shoes of some dude pounding pussy. It’s the closest you incels are ever going to get to the actual thing, so you might as well make some money from your efforts. That’s right; you can rake in dosh simply for promoting hot VR sites to other horny fappers. You just need to partner up with a kinky affiliate site like VirtualRealCash.com.

A Bare-Bones Site with Barely any Information Listed
These guys have been around since 2016 and have a pretty decent network of sites that you can promote. They have 7 websites in total and all of them are focused on fapworthy VR content. Each one has a different niche, so there’s a decent chance that they’ll have the right sort of content for you to promote regardless of the site you’re running. The following are a few of their websites: VrLove, VirtualRealJapan, VirtualRealAmateur, and VirtualRealGay. So, as I said, You’ve got a few options.

And, man, this site didn’t set aside any sort of design budget. This is some bare-bones shit. You don’t get any fun graphics, icons, or beautiful layouts. I thought it was one of those domain purchasing sites for when you go to a website that doesn’t exist anymore. That’s how plain this site looks. If I’ve learned anything from my years of fucking hot babes, it’s that looks don’t mean shit. Sure, it’s nice to have a pretty face to look at when I creampie a pussy. But I’ve fucked some butterfaces that knew how to take a dicking better than any 10/10 whore out there.

Enjoy a Low Payout Threshold of just €50
So, let’s see if I can peer under this site’s skirt and get a look at the goods. It’s, unsurprisingly, a pretty straightforward sign-up process. You plug all of your personal, website, and payout information in. As far as I can tell, there’s no approval process or anything like that. You sign-up and are good to go right after that. Though they don’t list samples or details about the promotional material you get access to anywhere. Do you get hosted galleries or just some simple banner ads? Those details would be good to know before you make webmasters go through the whole sign-up process.

VirtualRealCash does let you know that the minimum payment threshold is €50. That’s definitely not too bad. So many affiliate sites seem to think that doubling or even tripling that number is okay. A low threshold like that makes it easy for starting off as an affiliate, and you can raise that limit if you want to save money on transfer fees and that sort of thing if you’re bringing in the big bucks.

Earn 50% Revshare for Bringing in Paying Fappers
But that doesn’t mean shit if you’re not making a decent share for yourself. Lucky for you picky fucks, there are 5 separate programs that you can mix-and-match or focus on. They have three revshare programs for their VRLove, VirtualRealJapan, and VirtualRealCash sites. That last one confuses the fuck out of me. Each one of these programs claims to pay out 50% for every paying conversion you bring to them, but what sort of paying traffic would you be bringing to the affiliate site? I’m so fucking lost.

It’s made even more confusing when you consider that they have a 5% webmaster referral program. So, what the hell is that other program? It’s not like they provide links to their sites or anything, so I can’t click on that option to see if it was a typo or something. But, wait, this shit gets even more confusing. They also offer 25€ per paying customer you bring in if you don’t want to fuck around with revshare or anything like that, but that option is still listed for this site and not one of their porn sites. Are they trying to say that these deals apply across all of their websites? If they are, then they sure aren’t making that shit very clear at all.

Lots of Important Information is Lacking or Completely Absent
It’s almost like having links, graphics, and descriptions help people know what to expect. This lazy, minimal approach just isn’t cutting it for me, and I doubt it will be good enough for the vast majority of you cucks. It’d help if you could somehow get into contact with the people in charge of this site for clarification, but their contact page is broken. There’s no form to fill out or a number to call. You’re shit out of luck. You have to sign-up and take a leap of faith that this site will be good or worth working with in the long run.

There’s so much information missing from this site in general. Do those revshare percentages go up with your performance? Are there GEO-based requirements for traffic quality? How often do you get paid? Does your account balance roll over each period? How many programs can I promote at once? For a network of VR sites that are supposed to be the latest and greatest in fapping technology, this site sure doesn’t keep up with the times in terms of its design or the way it presents information. Fucking bummer. I’m sure they have some good shit going on, but they need to flaunt it and let prospective webmasters know before they even leave the homepage.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
I liked what this site was going for with the bare-bones approach. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they weren’t simply being lazy and liked the aesthetic or whatever. I like when sites are simple and have all of the information you need available at a glance. And, well, you do get some information at a glance with this site. You can scroll through and see every bit of information that this site offers within a minute or so. It’s not hard to digest.

Nothing is hidden in odd places or any of that bullshit. So, they are definitely on the right track there in terms of making a user-friendly site. And the minimum payment threshold is on point. It’s nice being able to adjust that sort of thing as needed. Some of you big earners won’t want to cash out unless you make a fuck ton of dosh, and it’s easy to customize that option with this site.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
Fuck, this site needs some help. I don’t want to kick them while they’re doing too much, but come on with this shit. They don’t list any of the important details, and the stuff they do list is confusing as all hell. I need to know what sort of content I’ll be using as promotional material, when I get paid, if my payments rollover, and so much more that this site simply doesn’t mention anywhere. I don’t get how a network built around tech-focused content like VR porn could fail so utterly with this. It baffles me.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, VirtualRealCash.com leaves a lot to be desired from an affiliate site. They’re on the right track, and it seems like they have a genuinely dope list of hot VR sites to promote. It’s just that they leave far too many questions unanswered for me to give them a glowing recommendation. I still recommend you curious fucks pop over there and give the site a look for yourself if you have a VR-themed website or bring in that kind of traffic. You might be able to find a way to make this site work for you.

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