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VR referrals! We’re finally living in the future. It only took us about two decades, but we’ve finally got virtual pussy delivered to our homes, over the internet, without anyone knowing. I’d like to think that this is what humanity has been leading up to for thousands of years. – The ability to have a three-dimensional woman in front of you, but also being able to just plug her off when you’re bored of her nonsense. Combine VR with a high-quality fuck doll and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success, for the long haul.

VR Bangers is among the best VR porn producers out there. I can’t really pick favorites, because there’s a lot of cooperation between studios. One VR pornstar will appear across different studios and the styles are really similar. But, the bottom line is that VR Bangers know what they’re doing. They’re banging… chicks, on 3D cams, for you.

Their quality is top-notch, their girls are mostly A-listers, with a few up and comers here and there and the actual resolution and fidelity of the videos is outstanding. There’s no compromise when it comes to their content. They straight-up film in the highest VR standards that computers can handle. We’ll get more into their content as it’s relevant to the referral program. I’m not technically here to talk about the VR smut.

I’m here to tell you about VRBCash, which is the referral program that VRBangers have set up across their network, to let you in on the action.

Why VRB?
Ok, that was a bit of a long intro, so let’s get down to business. There are several VR related referral programs out there that will let you market several verticals for good money. VRBCash float to the top of my recommended list on quality alone. I’ve seen quite a few affiliate offers that include VR and a few that are exclusively VR oriented, but these guys pretty much float above all the other offers. There’s no comparison. The quality of the content they provide speaks for itself. You can’t have a bad time marketing Angela White on your website straight from the source studio that recorded her tits. You can’t fail with those tits. Have you seen her tits? They’re earth-shattering.

Your average porn affiliate marketing campaign will give you a bunch of creatives that you can slap across your site to lead people away, but everyone stretches the truth a little bit to give people a harder stiffy. Like, when you’re marketing porn games, you use screenshots from the cinematics, not the gameplay. That sells the game a lot better. Well, you get none of that compromise with VRBCash, because everything they do is triple-A porn content. Did I mention Angel White’s tits? That’s what you see, everywhere on this entire fucking network. A-list titties just waiting for you. The marketing materials that VRBCash provides you with automatically are all winners and you just can’t put a price on quality, honest ad materials.

Lifetime Affiliate Referrals
It’s standard stuff; you’ve seen it before. The numbers all look great. You get 5% for life for any webmaster you refer to the site. This is technically true even if the webmaster you refer isn’t established yet. As long as you’re the person that referred them and they are indeed making money through VRBCash, you are entitled to a cut, forever. This is probably the approach you want to go with if you’re running a less than pornographic porn site. What do I mean by that? Well, if you’re running a porn forum that discusses the various ins and outs of the industry, this is the kind of offer you’re looking for. Weigh the percentage of users on your site that are webmasters versus the ones that are here to fap. Try to find a way to profile them and serve them with the appropriate ad.

The worst mistake you can make is to offer end-user porn content to webmasters. It’s extremely unlikely they’ll take you up on any offer even if they’re horny. The opposite is also true. Trying to encourage casual fappers to take up webmaster affiliate work is a terrible idea. They don’t care. They’re probably all accountants and don’t have time to set up a porn site.

Revenue Share
Ah yes, the big bucks. The revenue share deal. 60% of every membership, for life. Once a person signs up on VR Bangers, 60% of the revenue is yours, forever. I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t matter when they pay, as long as it happens eventually. This is the business model for the webmaster with a ton of fap traffic and few cares in the world. If you’ve got a massive following of porn lovers, this is the tier you’re looking for. You do have to think about your audience, though. I’ve talked at length about audience profiling in my other reviews of analytical tools. Check those out.

Your goal here is to figure out whether your audience is the type to actually pay for VR porn. For example, let's say that you offer premium features for $1 on your site and barely anyone is signing up, even though it’s so cheap and harmless. Well, it’s safe to assume that these people are not going to be ponying up the big bucks to get their hands on VR porn. If they can’t afford to pay one dollar, they can’t afford to pay multiple. I don’t have to spell it out for you. So, what do you do if you’ve got a ton of broke-ass cunt loving losers on your site and you want to monetize? Same thing everyone else does, dummy. You opt for the lead program instead.

Pay Per Sign Up
They don’t call it the lead program, but that’s exactly what it is. You get $20 for every trial and full sign up on the site. This is kind of finicky, because I think they actually require the users to sign up with their credit or debit cards. They don’t get charged, since it is a trial and all, but they’re trying to break even. $20 is a lot of money for a free signup, after all. But, on average, it’s easier to get someone to sign up for a free trial with a card than to get them to commit right at the gate.

I have to give VRBCash props for this tier, because $20 is a ridiculous amount of money to earn on a single purchase that isn’t an actual commission. They’re pretty much proving that they’re the best of the best. When other sites promise this kind of payout, I’m skeptical. But, I’ve seen VRBangers’ content firsthand, in Oculus and on an Android phone. This is indeed the promised future we’ve been looking forward to.

About the Content
Let’s talk a bit about what you’re peddling. The actual product is law, after all. I mentioned that their videos are of the highest available quality and I stand by that. 6k is basically standard at this point. Yes, you might find a few lower quality videos here and there, like 4k or God forbid HD, but that’s old shit that slips through the cracks. Most of their videos are 6k and if a higher standard becomes available, you know they’ll bump it the fuck up. There’s just no point in going lower than that.

If you’re worried about your viewers being able to run this content, don’t be. It doesn’t get streamed over a browser. They have their own proprietary app that simplifies everything. Chronic masturbators don’t enjoy having to push a lot of buttons. They just want to get to the good stuff. That’s exactly what the app is for. So, whether you’re on the Quest or the PC-bound Rift, you’re always one click away from diving right into smut. Hell, the damn thing works just as well on phones.

And, if the viewer is on a potato PC for some reason, they have the option to dial down the quality the same way you do with tube videos. They can dial down until they get an acceptable framerate. It’s good shit. It means everyone can fap, no matter how poor they are. On top of all this amazing high quality, the app is available entirely for free. Yes, you only get the trial videos, but you can easily rub one off to the demos if you're fast enough. So, enticing your visitors into signing up is not going to be difficult. They’ll be falling in love with Angela White from the first second she takes her top off.

This is the primo VR affiliate offer you’ve been looking for. Look no further. VRBCash is doing it right. Sign up and cash out.

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