Web Care 360! Off-shore hosting is the way to go. Fuck dealing with frustrating and unfair copyright laws that limit your freedom. If you want to run a site that just uploads premium content for free, then you should be able to be that kind of an asshole if you wish to. You haven’t let morals and basic human decency get in your way, so why would you allow some stupid laws made by a nerd to stop you? Yeah, that’s what I thought. It’s time to square up and pair your brilliant, legally questionable site with a hosting company that doesn’t give a fuck about copyright.

Webcare360.com will tell those DMCA hounds to do a 360 and get on out of here. Oh, wait, that wouldn’t work. A 180. Yeah, they’ll tell them to do a 180 and fuck right off. That’s it. This off-shore hosting site prioritizes privacy and anonymity for all of its users. You won’t have to give them a bunch of personal information, and they won’t keep your data. You can rest easy knowing that your real name and data won’t be at risk if some angry cuck tries to take down your revenge porn or hentai reupload site.

Host Your Site in DMCA Ignoring Countries like Ukraine, Bulgaria, or Holland
And these guys have been around since 2009. That’s over a decade of experience at your back. These alphas are trained to not cave under the pressure of angry, misinformed fucks who want to take down your site. Plus, all of their hosting options put your content in countries that don’t care about that sort of thing. For any of their plans, you can pick between locations in Ukraine, Bulgaria, or Holland.

It’s nice to see a site that doesn’t put all of their eggs in one basket. You never know when some bullshit legislature might get passed that makes copyright more restricted in that area. If life has taught me anything, there’s always some unshaven hippy bitch with a petition trying to ruin everyone’s fun.

Affordable DDOS Protection Plans with European-based Servers
If you’re more concerned with DDOS protection, then you can pick from a few EU located servers that range in price from €69.99 to €149.99 a month. Just know that these packages don’t come with that sweet, sweet off-shore location. And I don’t see any options for having both DDOS protection and an off-shore location for full VPS servers. Fucking bummer. It’s like getting with a slut who will deepthroat your cock but won’t swallow.

Those of you running simple fetish blogs or low-maintenance personal sites won’t need a ton of horsepower. You’d be better suited with one of their shared web hosting plans that balance affordability with speed and protection. You can get a quality plan from €3.99 to €9.99 a month. These plans include up to 15GB of SSD storage, built-in SEO management tools, and up to 1,500GB of data transfer. Now, there is a plan that includes DDOS protection for shared hosting, but that’s going to run you €99.99 a month for that extra layer of security. But it is a fucking beefy layer with 500GBS protection.

Affordable Shared Hosting & VPS Servers
If you’re really dedicated to this shit and have an audience of horny fappers that are chomping at the bit to get their hands on your kinky downloadable content, then you’ll need to step things up and get yourself a VPS. These are slightly more expensive at anywhere from €9.99 to €39.99 a month, and you don’t have an option here for built-in DDOS protection. But you still get enterprise-class hardware that can stand up to the traffic and abuse you’ll be putting it through.

These plans support up to 4GB of RAM, 4 core CPU, and a 25GB SSD. Now, these are all unmanaged. If you want these fucks to take the reigns from you, then that price will step up to €44.99 - €74.99 a month. Though I’m not too impressed with those figures for the price. I expected a lot more in terms of storage space. These are some piddling numbers, but, hey, you’re getting placed in a cushy off-shore location.

Powerful Off-Shore Dedicated Servers set at Competitive Prices
If you need to step up your game and get something with a little more horsepower, then you’ll want to stake a claim on one of their dedicated servers. I hope you’ve got some deep pockets because this shit is going to cost you anywhere from €119 to €179. But you get a better deal when it comes to power. You can configure a machine with upwards of 32GB of RAM, 2TB HDD/480GB SSD, and guaranteed 99.99% uptime. You’ll never have to worry about your sexy siterip page or whatever going down due to network errors or any of that bullshit ever again.

But those aren’t even their best options. Webcare360 takes it a step further and offers top of the line streaming servers with power that will have you hard as fucking diamonds. Prices on these bad boys range anywhere from €199 to €269 a month. Fuck, that’s a lot of dosh. But these powerful machines can boast upwards of 10GBs, full Linux/Windows support, and you can get one up and running with 48 hours. Those are some speedy machines that are great for specific tasks that require low-latency and a lot of fucking power.

Take Advantage of Staggeringly Fast Streaming Servers & 24/7 Support
On top of all of their powerful packages, this site has a round-the-clock support team that will help you out whenever you need them. There will always be a nerd on the other line ready to field your questions. But one thing they don’t offer is a money-back guarantee for any of their off-shore plans, so keep that in mind before you go signing up for a yearly plan or some shit. But they do take crypto-currency, so you can pay and run your site anonymously.

Pornwebmaster’s Favorite Features
I’m always a fan of a hosting site that tells DMCA wielding betas to go fuck themselves. You won’t have to worry about notices, fines, or suspensions from your internet provider. Your hands are clean. Okay, maybe not your hands specifically. They’re probably covered in cheese dust and dried cum. But you get what I mean. You’re not at risk as long as you’re staying true to the local laws over there, which are fairly loose regarding anything copyright related.

I also liked that you could run everything anonymously. They don’t require you to submit a bunch of documents or any of that usual bullshit. I swear some sites act like they need to know your blood type, zodiac sign, and who you lost your virginity to just to get a site running. Fuck that. Plus, most of you turbo-virgins would be shit out of luck if those were required questions. But, yeah, you can pay with crypto and manage your site through a user portal that values your privacy.

Pornwebmaster’s Suggestions
I wish they had more plans with dedicated or built-in DDOS support. Sure, you can mix and match services to get both. But, fuck, that’s going to cost you some fat stacks even for their lowest tiered plans. I’ve seen other off-shore hosting sites include that service for dirt cheap compared to these fucks. I’m sure they’re good, but are they nearly triple the price good? And the whole no money-back shit sucks. You could be out a fair bit of dosh if you’re not happy with your first month of service with them. They’ll hang on to that money and tell you to go fuck yourself, essentially. Bummer. Even a 7-day deal would be fine. It’d be enough to dip your toes in and see what they’re all about.

Pornwebmaster’s Final Thoughts
Overall, Webcare360.com has a lot of great options for those of you looking to run sites on the sketchier end of things. You still can’t run any fucked-up illegal shit, but you can get around pesky copyright laws with this DMCA ignoring hosting option. You can run your site in whatever country suits your needs, and you can expect some damn good speeds with low latency across the fucking board. Check out any of their shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, or streaming servers today! They have killer deals for sites big and small, and they’ll make sure your information stays private. I highly recommend you horny betas go and check them out.

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