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Most of your up-and-coming porn webmasters are probably thinking about running some kind of porn tube. I don’t blame you; they’re a really great way to get traffic and clicks. Seeing titties is better than not seeing titties. Seeing titties move is better than having them just sort of sit there, menacingly. So, naturally, you’ll need to get your hands on some animated titties, preferably real recorded ones. But, you can’t just write Brazzers a letter and post it in the mail waiting for some DVDs to show up at your door. That’s not how that shit works. There are established distribution networks that move this type of media around and WebMasterCentral is right down the middle of that supply chain.

They don’t show you videos; they don’t buy your videos. They sell, rent and stream them through webmasters such as yourself. I’ve reviewed these kinds of content marketplaces before and usually found them to be kind of lacking, at least in the types of offers they have. A casual porn marketplace lets you buy videos and that’s the end of it. What you do with those videos is your business. You have to download them, store them, make sure you don’t lose them and finally, you have to host them somewhere. It’s a fucking nightmare. WebMasterCentral doesn’t send you through an FTP rigmarole. Instead, they give you several superior porn distribution methods and take some of the pressure off of you by not forcing you to stock up on porn you can’t sell.

The XML Gateway
Normally, I’d start these kinds of reviews with a description of the content types, but this shit’s too good to wait. They have an amazing XML gateway. It's simple for those of you in the audience who aren’t used to these types of integrations. You’ve used them before as a porn viewer, I’m sure. Basically, they have a simple codebase that you can copy and paste from to embed their videos onto your site, for rentals, sales or free view, depending on the package and the video itself.

This is useful for so many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that you don’t have to host the videos yourself. You could be opting into a couple of vids and think, what’s the big deal? Sure, I get that logic. But, what if a thousand people want to stream that one amazing clip you’ve got on your site all at once? That’s a bandwidth bottleneck just waiting to happen.

On top of that, if you spring for an entire package of hundreds of videos, there’s no way in hell you’ll be able to break even for weeks. Trust me. Hundreds of high-quality videos are at least a terabyte of storage. Add to that how much it’s going to cost to actually stream the damn content and you’re in the red for a very long time. Sure, you’re making money back on your investment, but can you really be sure that you’ll earn it all back in time?

Remote Video Sales
Thanks to WebMasterCentral’s XML functionality, you can serve as a de-facto marketplace for their videos, without having to change much about your site. Their videos are all premium and they come with a ton of photo shoot material, usually. That’s a lot of expensive content that you don’t have to purchase for other people if you don’t want to. Instead, you can host a ton of previews or premium vids that have to be paid for. You let your actual visitors pay for the content, while you skim off the top. Of course, this means you don’t have the rights to the videos themselves, but who cares? You’re not in this business to collect videos. You’re here to make money.

Speaking of the free previews, by the way, they’re pretty damn hot and they serve as great padding for an otherwise sparse website. So, if you’re worried that there just isn’t enough content on your site, you can grab as many of their free previews as you want and sprinkle them throughout your free videos. That way, you get a lot of high-quality content just thrown into the mix, to give your site a lot of credibility and quality. Keep in mind, all of the previews are also streamed straight from WebMasterCentral’s servers, so they come with top quality, resolution and speed. You benefit from their hosting; they benefit from your referrals. It’s the definition of a win-win.

The Actual Offers
These guys boast about how they’re the top porn providers on the internet, so naturally, they let you buy videos from all the top porn companies out there. What actually concerns me is that they don’t have any actual listings for videos. None. There’s not a single video or company logo on this entire site. They list contact e-mails where you’re free to get in touch and even request a free sample, but you can’t actually see what they’ve got in store. Hell, they’ve even got a couple of posts regarding their VR content and I’ll get into that, but there’s no sight of samples there either. You have no idea what you’re getting into until you get in touch. That pisses me the fuck off. It’s bad marketing.

They also say that their offers start from $99, but they straight up do not finish their sentence. $99 for what? A video? A service? A stream? No idea. You’ll have to get in touch with them and figure it out for yourself. You have to get a custom quote, basically. Further down on the same home page, they say that their prices start at just $199 for VR content, but again, what the hell does that mean? I have no idea. I just know that 4K costs twice as much as HD. That tells me literally nothing at all.

Tons of VR Offers
They also boast a lot about their VR videos. They went as far as to make several blog post type pages where they talk about how the VR service works and one of them actually gives you a preview link of the videos so you can try them out. At least you have that in terms of previews. You can forget any pricing quotes. The VR, same as their other videos, is aimed at streaming and/or making your own custom website landing page through them.

I like the VR approach, especially the part where they say that they can sell you exclusive videos that are only available on your site and nowhere else. I’d wager to bet these are expensive as all hell. I’d also bet that they skim off the top, per sale and you have to pay a licensing fee on top of that, but don’t quote me. I have no way of knowing for sure. I’m not going to contact them for a direct quote, as I have no need for their services. You’ll have to do that yourself and pray you get a good offer.

Your Own Third-Party Site
Most of WebMasterCentral’s business model seems to revolve around them being all up in your business and doing the work for you. They’re basically looking for webmasters that they can use as referral sources and third-party marketplaces. You own your own site and you run your own marketing, but you’re a white label representative of their content. They let you customize your domain with all kinds of style changes. You’re also free to run your own PPC and what not. The bottom line is that their preferred approach is just having you run a side-gig in their name.

I can’t even find one shred of a straight-up purchase offer with licensing rights, like other porn suppliers have. You know, the kind that lets you download the videos and use them any way you like? Yeah, there’s none of that here as far as I can tell. It’s possible that if you custom order, they might agree to help you out, but I doubt it. They have this little snippet on their site that says they have over 1700 white label sites and counting, with tens of thousands of HD videos currently in circulation. I guess they’re trying to grow their porn empire and have you be a sort of serf under it.

It’s not a bad business model and it could be really profitable for you, but I’m not sure it meshes well with an already established website that has a developed niche. These guys can be a great inspiration for you if you’re brand new in the business or if you want to start up a side-gig. Either way, you’ll have to contact them. That seems to be step one if you're going to work with them.

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