XloveCash (XloveCam) has a great affiliate program made for adult cam webmasters. There are a ton of promo tools you can use, and XCLONE white l...


Xlovecash offers an affiliate program that is designed for adult cam webmasters. With over a decade in the adult entertainment industry and still going strong, there must be something that makes Xlovecash stand out, right? Ah, but why are they worth the visit? Why would you even give them a shot, blah blah blah? Well, it always comes down to what the fuck you are looking for.

There are more than 100.000 models registered on Xlovecam; they have high conversion rates, great promo tools, and two different earning methods. You are more than welcome to just explore Xlovecash on your own. Their tour page is pretty neat; they get down to the important crap quite fast. Or, you could hear from a pro and continue reading my awesome review.

Customize your own cam site
You have an opportunity to customize your own cam site and start earning that way. Xlovecash has a nice revshare program with ACWM and Xlovecash’s XCLONE white label that is designed for affiliate cam sites. Just customize your own cam site on your domain, and have fun building recognition. Of course, before you can take advantage of this, you have to learn how this crap functions.

White labels are your best shot to getting the best outcome without spending weeks or months on development… and the costs are not as high. In simple terms, white labels allow you to clone a popular website without having to worry about anything. At least, in this case, that is what the white label is designed to do. However, you still have to create your own branding and all that shit… which is why I say that you need to know what the fuck you are doing.

You are free to build any kind of custom pages, graphics, banners, or any promo material by using their free content (pics, model’s bio, free video chat, and so on). You are just not allowed to use materials recorded from a model’s private area, as they want to respect their models’ privacy. Obviously, I mean, all of this will mostly be explained once you register. Don’t worry.

Affiliate programs with Xlovecash
You will be given two different programs to take advantage of. So, if you were hoping for any of the basics, such as PPS, you might want to check out a different website instead. On Xlovecash, their biggest selling point is the 35% RevShare program for all countries… or so they state. I mean, for FR, CH and BE, the commission is 30% instead of 35%.

Now, this will mean squat to you if you do not even know how RevShare functions. So, let me clarify it a bit. RevShare stands for Revenue Share, and this is an affiliate commission type. With this model, the advertisers share a predefined % of either a service or a product price with the publishers. Basically, it is revenue that is shared with an affiliate for a driving sale.

The second method is the referral program. For each referred webmaster’s gross sales, you get 10%, which is nice. Of course, the webmasters you refer need to be legit. Again, all will be explained on their website, but there ain’t much rocket science behind this crap. You get to choose between the RevShare affiliate program and referrals. Of course, you should probably take advantage of their promo tools and all that crap.

They offer a dedicated adult webmaster program, with a lot of promo tools that will help you out. They also have a dedicated support team, so you can either contact them or you can simply send them an email. It is your choice. No matter what kind of an issue you might have, their support team promises to help. Now, I have not had that many problems to test this shit out, but the support team is nice from what I have seen.

ACWM /Xlovecash’s flagship live platform is called This website is alive for almost 15 years now; it hosts over 2k models that are logging in each day and usually has over 200 models online. There is also the, which is obviously the gay version of the same site. Here you only have male and male couples performing all kinds of shit. The two websites have the same features; the only difference is… well, more than obvious.

Let’s talk about the payments!
I am pretty sure that the majority of you fuckers will first check out the payments and then the programs, or the other way around. Then, if you like what you read, you might actually check out the rest of the review, right? Who the fuck are you trying to kid? I know this for a fact when I do the exact same shit most of the time.

The minimum required amount for payment is 100 euro. The payments are sent on a weekly basis, and if you end up not having enough by the payment period, do not worry. Your money will just be transferred to the next payment period, and so on, until you finally have enough. Currently, they offer Wire Transfer, monese, bitsafe, Paxum, revolut and WebMoney.

Every affiliate can choose their preferred payment options. The Monese is a 100% mobile current bank acc provider, and with this, you will have the ability to receive payments online, shop online, make purchases at stores, and even withdraw your money from ATMs. The details of how the fuck this works, you can find in the FAQ section.

For bank wire, during the registration process, you can input your bank details. Everything will be bluntly spelled out for you, so you will find your way around; don’t you worry about that. For Paxum, you will have to provide your Paxum email address to get the payments, duh. The updates for your payment method will require a picture of you holding the id photo next to your face, for security reasons.

What about the promo tools?
Xlovecash loves to describe themselves as one of the most dedicated adult webmaster programs… but is that really true? I mean, they are dedicated, for sure. But, whether they will suit your affiliate needs all depends on what the fuck you are looking for in the first place. As I have mentioned already, Xlovecash provides promo tools that can help you.

Let’s start with the White Label of XCLONE. Suppose you are able to generate sufficient sales as the current Xlovecash affiliate or you are just successful as a webmaster with lots of traffic. In that case, you have a unique opportunity to earn more money from your own cam site or existing member base. Their white label is a great promo tool that will provide your customers with branding that they recognize. If you are interested in setting this shit up, you will have to contact their support team.

Also, there is an option to view a demo of their promo tools. There is the Mobile Webcam Chat, which is compatible with many devices, such as the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and others. You will have to provide the referred customer with a special link, and Xlovecash will then redirect all the mobile traffic to their mobile platform.

Then there are the Online Model iframes… Thumbnail displays of models who are online have always been one of the most popular promo tools. I am sure we can all agree with this. Well, at Xlovecash/ACWM, they have customizable iframes that will display thumbnails randomly or in a certain custom generated selection. Depending on what you prefer.

The Live Chat Tool is another great promo tool that allows you to add a real live chat to your website. There are different customizable options you might be interested in, and they are all mentioned on their website. Plus, you also have the Live Webcam and Chat Simulator. The Text Links Generator offers customizable text links with tracking codes. They can be in a certain default language and take you to specific pages, such as models, registration, etc.

There are also Banners, XML Feeds, RSS Feeds, Slide-up Pop-Up, HTML Pages… and a lot of other promo tools. As I have said, everything will be explained if you visit Xlovecash, because if I start explaining what every tool is, this review will never end. Plus, they have also explained everything that you need to know about their promo tools and how to use them.

That’s all!
If you are interested in an adult affiliate program with lifetime commissions, you might want to give Xlovecash a chance. I already explained all the nice perks you get, affiliate programs, and payments. Everything else concerning their program and what they offer is presented on their tour page. Plus, if you have any kind of questions, you can always just contact their customer support.

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