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Strap yourselves in; this is going to be a spicy review. The reason you find XRumer and this entire damn category so far down the list of my covered software solutions is because this is some next-level shit. SEO, PPC and analytical tools are the bread, the butter and the pussy. You can’t do without them. XRumer is like a Bad Dragon dildo. Yeah, it would be nice to own one, but how the fuck would you use it? And who’s going to be cleaning up after you? Wouldn’t that money be better spent on a fleshlight? Those are the questions you should be asking yourself.

XRumer is also kind of a complicated type of software. It’s a far cry from the auto-emailers you might be used to using already. It’s an auto posting software that relies on forms. If you’ve ever filled in a Google Form, you’ll know roughly what to expect from XRumer. That’s the process it automates for you. But, the more astute among you might have realized that forum posts are also technically just form completions. You have a forum post form that you fill in and you hit post.

That’s an auto-post that XRumer can perform for you. So, you can very much expect this tool to post in your name on a ton of adult forums. By the way, this is not an adult-themed tool. However, you can opt into adult categories when you do the setup. So, it won’t accidentally post about cum swaps and double anal penetration on a breastfeeding forum. XRumer knows what’s up. You just have to be clear about the industry you’re in.

How It Works
Luckily, the boys and girls of BotMasterLabs have gone way out of their way to talk at length about how XRumer works and what kind of methods they’ve crammed into the damn thing. Some of them are unnecessary sells thrown in for padding, but I’m glad they covered everything. If what they say about XRumer is true, then it does exactly what it’s supposed to and it doesn’t crap out.

The first step is a hefty customization process that they’ve streamlined with a handy interface that spares you a lot of grief. You enter a bunch of text and images that you want to be posted and choose the type of destinations you want to target. Then, you set the damn thing on its way and it does the rest of the work for you. The degree of customization is entirely up to you.

You can straight up append an image of yourself if you want the posts to seem, well, personable. If you really want the posts to reflect that a human being is doing the posting, you should go this route. On the other hand, if you want the content to speak for itself and you don’t want to reveal your face, fuck it, go incognito. Either way, the posts will end up where they belong.

Compiling A Post
You have a lot of creative leeway in how you decide to structure the average message that you ship out. Right off the bat, you’ll run into a bit of a catch 22. You want your messages to seem personable and direct, but the more specific you make them, the less they’ll apply across different types of websites. So, you could make a specialized forum post, but that won’t look good on an advertising site. There are two ways around this problem. Either make your messages more generic, so that they fit damn near anywhere XRumer can shove them, or, make them ultra-specific and send them out separately. I think the latter approach works better, even though it takes a bit more time. XRumer is a software tool, not a service, so you’re free to use it as much as you want.

Ideally, you want to save as much time as possible, but spamming a backlink with no content across the web isn’t exactly ideal.

You want people to actually give a shit about the offers you’re spreading out there. So, for a forum post, you might actually speak like a human being introducing yourself and saying shit like: “I hope you’ll enjoy this content” or “Thanks for accepting me on your forum”. You don’t have to act like that when you’re posting to sales boards. I’m basically saying that you should think before you speak. You might not see the direct interaction yourself, but the posts will inevitably end up across a ton of public spaces. You don’t want to see your name associated with spam. Speaking of spam…

This Ain’t About Spam
BotMasterLabs have made it perfectly clear that their tool is not made to be used for spam. They’ve made their process as legitimate as possible and given you all the tools you’ll need to actually post where you’re supposed to. They even go out of their way to exclude any kind of auto-email features, because that would pretty much violate all terms of service across your affiliate network.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but the average affiliate offer will flat out forbid you from using auto-email spam to promote them.

This is because auto-emails, especially promotional ones, get flagged and scanned by mailing services. You could land your affiliates in a heap of trouble if you mishandle the promos. That’s why XRumer only posts in places where human beings are welcome to talk out their ass about whatever they want to, without getting in trouble.

That’s not to say that you can’t technically use XRumer to spam. Except… this doesn’t violate their terms of service – it just fucks you. Their TOS mostly cover their ass, not yours. They don’t want you reselling this software or sending out messages for other people for profit. You have to protect your own ass. That’s your responsibility. So, don’t send out any dumb shit, dot your I’s and cross your T’s.

Leading the Traffic Back
You don’t want to tell the public that you’re using XRumer. Let’s start there. You want the messages to be personable, remember? At the same time, you do want them to know that you’re posting for attention and traffic, but not say that explicitly. It’s complicated, I know. Basically, you want to be clear about the fact that you’re making a commercial offer, even if your content is free. You can ask people to come to your site and check out your content.

You can tell them that you charge for a subscription. You’re free to reveal that you make money on affiliate offers. So, be honest, but don’t be open about your bottom line. Invite people, but don’t goad them. And above all, do not try to trick people into clicking your links. That kind of business practice will come back to haunt you.

Always make sure to include some sort of call to action and a backlink in your offers, even if it means you have to spell it out. As for the forums that don’t allow links, well, say that in your message. Tell the readers that you aren’t allowed to post links, so ask them to seek you out directly. Tell them how to spell your URL and encourage them to type that shit into the address bar manually. Whatever it takes to give them a way to find you.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to grow your organic ranking with backlinks, well, roll with a direct URL, but be clear in the message. Tell people that you’re trying to grow your business. Don’t just send that shit out there, hoping to see results.

Some Red Flags
I wouldn’t be doing my due diligence if I didn’t mention that BotMasterLabs are giving me some seriously shitty vibes with some of their marketing. I’m not saying their tool doesn’t do what they claim it does. Hell, I can believe that they manage to automatically penetrate most CAPTCHA systems. It’s doable. I’m sure that if their software was faulty, it would have died by now.

I hate that they’re not entirely clear on how they want to market their software or how they want to sell it. In their promotional video from 2013, they mention that it costs $10 a month to use, but on their site, they sell it as a single-payment product for $100. They also have a $240 and a $400 version. None of that has anything to do with a $10 subscription. I guess they mean they charge $10 a month on top of the flat payment. Why?

On top of that, they mention the wiki, which is supposed to be loaded with tutorials. It’s been 7 years since that video came out and the wiki is still “coming soon”. I’m willing to bet it ain’t coming at all.

Between the weird promises and the absolute bukkake of grammatical errors on their site, BotMasterLabs don’t inspire confidence. They’re like an ugly chick that promises she gives really good head. She might, but she could also just give you herpes. It’s your call.

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