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Do you know what a porn tube content partner program is? If not, that is where you should start! There are many articles that will explai...


Do you know what a porn tube content partner program is? If not, that is where you should start! There are many articles that will explain the gist of this, but if you do not want to browse too much on your own, you can always check out my description instead. Just visit, and check out that particular section. Simple as that.

Now, today I am here to talk about Zilla.Cash, a website that lets you earn money simply by sending them traffic. How does all this work? It is very simple, and I shall discuss it in detail below. However, if you already know how these types of programs work, you’ll be satisfied with Zilla.Cash offers. As for those who have no fucking clue what the heck I am talking about, just visit my website and read the marvelous explanation I gave.

Let’s talk about the offers for publishers!
As I said, it is simple. All you need to do is send traffic to their tube websites. They have four sites that you can choose to send the traffic to, or so it looks like. There is the Analdin, and this is a website dedicated to lots and lots of fucking. At first, I thought their main focus is on anal sex, but I realized that they have it all as I browsed through. There is a massive selection of anal banging, but overall you have a lot of fuck scenes.

Then, there is a site called xoZilla, and again it is a simple porn tube website with a lot of random videos. I’ve seen many popular pornstars on xoZilla, but I have also seen plenty of genuine amateur pornos. So, you have a little bit of everything. But again, that is the whole point of porn tube websites. The is self-explanatory if you ask me. You can expect all kinds of vintage pornos, from the ones created in the 70s to those made in the 2000s (because apparently, that is what we consider vintage nowadays).

The last website they mention is called Xtits, and that is yet another self-explanatory site, don’t you think? It is a tube site dedicated to all kinds of pornos, featuring sluts with huge tits. That’s about it. So, if you are interested in earning money, all you have to do is send traffic to their tube sites. The payment is sent per 1k unique tube traffic visitors, but that will also depend on the visitors’ location.

What do I mean by this? Well, there are higher paid and lower paid countries, and depending on where your visitors come from, you will get paid accordingly. There is the ‘Country Group No. 1’ as they like to put it. This group will include Australia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, the US, and Switzerland. You get paid $1.5 per 1k unique visitors from these countries, which is pretty standard.

The ‘Country Group No. 2’ includes Austria, Canada, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, the UK, and Italy. You get paid $0.75 per 1k unique visitors who are from the second group of countries. All other countries are in ‘Country Group No. 3’, and you are paid $0.25 per 1k unique visitors from those countries. I know, it sounds pretty shitty, but that is why you should aim to send people from higher-paid groups.

Advanced tools
As a publisher, you will also get some nice advanced tools on Zilla.Cash. They state that you can generate traffic growth by using their tools, like the dump generator per each website, the RSS XML feeds, or simply embedding their videos.

Well, Zilla.Cash does offer a great extensive dump generator per product, and you also get full access to each database of videos. There will be multiple RSS feeds with the latest info on the videos and a large variety of videos that you can embed—also, Zilla.Cash offers advanced filters for content targeting, which all make your job easier.

Zilla.Cash uses Google Analytics to help count the unique visitors and identify their location, which is obviously important. The traffic will be analyzed daily, comparing the time periods, traffic growth, traffic origin, and visitors’ overall flow. Google Analytics will use the best standard and solution on the market to understand your visitors/customers and gain the needed insight.

How about the advertisers?
If you fall into the ‘advertisers’ category, you should know a couple of things. This section on the website is so brief that I do not have much to say about that. They could have included a lot more when talking about advertising, but oh well. Zilla.Cash will let you advertise on both desktop and mobile, which is nice. You will have different ways to advertise, depending on the platform, or so to speak.

On the tablet, you have the top banner, pop-under, and a footer banner. On the phone, there will be the top and footer banners; all the sizes are mentioned on the website. You can choose the in-player banner, pop-under, footer banner, NTV A banner, and NTV B Banner for the desktop or other viewers. I know that this can sound very confusing to some, which is why I advise you to check out Zilla.Cash. They will give you the gist of it all.

What you should know about the content program
As for their content program, there will be a couple of options to choose from. You will provide them with a pass to the member’s area of your website, and they will do the rest of the work for you. You can upload your videos to their website, put descriptions, unlimited tags, and categories, and put thumbnails. Your video clips will have a text link and iframe if you provide them with one. Zilla.Cash basically sets up the whole channel for you, so you do not have to do much for their Content Program.

An iffy tour page, I am not impressed
For a website that does such a fantastic job, I expected a lot more. Zilla. Cash’s tour page is shit, and they do not provide enough information to their new visitors. Their FAQ page is also quite laughable, with only four questions. It really is not that difficult to create a website that will provide all the necessary information.

Zilla.Cash will accept traffic only from their thumbnail feet, and no skimmed pop-up traffic is allowed. The visitors will be content through Google Analytics, so you do not have to worry about being accurate. The statistics of Zilla.Cash will be updated daily, so you will always be informed. That is basically all that their FAQ page covers.

Payments and all that
While I already touched upon the payments, but I did not mention everything. You know how much you are paid depending on your visitors’ country, and there is more to that. The minimum payout on Zilla.Cash is $50, which will not be difficult to earn if you know what the fuck you are doing.

The payment is sent every month, and do not worry if you do not manage to get $50 before the payment period. The money will just be transferred to the next payment period and so on until you finally have enough to get paid. You can get paid through Paxum, WMZ, and Bitcoin, which is sort of standard.

Zilla.Cash is a very simple way to earn money. All you have to do is send their tube sites some traffic. Considering the type of traffic and how much you send, you will be paid accordingly. That is all you really need to know if you are looking for a comprehensive explanation of what Zilla.Cash is all about.

I am sure that those familiar with these types of programs already know what the fuck I am talking about. You are more than welcome to read my review or just visit the site—the registration to Zilla.Cash is very simple and free, and once you are a member, you will see a lot more details.

However, I think I pretty much covered all that you really need to know. You are welcome. In case you run into any kinds of issues on the site, be it technical or not, you can always contact their customer support. They are very responsive, but I am sure that you will not really need their help. Zilla.Cash is made nicely; they thought about everything, so chances are, you will not have any issues.

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